Simple Crochet Star Tutorial

In this simple crochet star tutorial, I show you exactly how to make these pint sized heavenly bodies. The project is suitable enough for an experienced beginner but completely addictive for the veteran crocheter.

Both of my sons love astronomy, always have. Over the years they have shared everything they learned about stars. It makes my head hurt. How can we be seeing light that is millions of years old? I’m not smart enough to understand the universe and all that happens in the heavens. But I am qualified to crochet a cute little star and today I’m showing you how too!

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Beginner Amigurumi Tutorial

Are you ready for the easiest amigurumi pattern ever? My beginner amigurumi tutorial will walk you through each step so you can crochet this adorable Candy Corn Family in no time flat.

Mwahahahahah!!!!! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love all the scary things! The witches, the chainsaws, the candy corn……wait, what? You don’t find candy corn scary? What about a family of candy corns? No? That’s not scary either?

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Free Crochet Pattern – The Bitty Bunnies

Check out the free crochet pattern, the Bitty Bunnies! In this post you’ll find the FREE pattern and full video tutorial. Let’s get hopping!

What’s better than a FREE crochet pattern? A free crochet bunny pattern, that’s what!

Introducing The Bitty Bunnies: Benedict and Beatrice. They are a sweet brother and sister pair that will bring a smile to your face while you’re crocheting and especially when they hop right off your hook.

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