A Thank You Letter to Crochet


A Thank You Letter to Crochet

Dear Crochet,

We got some really good news today and I wanted to share it with you. But first I need to thank you for everything you have done for me. Two and a half years ago I was in a bad place. I couldn’t stop worrying about my son. I couldn’t stop dwelling on “what if” scenarios. While scrolling through Pinterest late one evening, I stumbled upon a photo of you and that moment changed my life.

(Here’s a link if you would like to read more: Why I started crocheting and you should too!)

You have kept my hands busy so my mind could rest. You have given me hours of entertainment. My love for you has even helped me make new friends! I cannot thank you enough for that. While some may see you as just a silly hobby, I know you are so much more. You give back and expect nothing in return. You are always there waiting when I need you.

I’ve learned so much from you. I’ve learned that I can persevere even when something is tough. I’ve learned that I can stay up late just to finish something beautiful. I’ve learned that I can make others happy too! I have sobbed with a crochet hook in my hand, and I have laughed until my sides hurt. You were always there. Quiet. Patient.

Back to my good news, today we sat in the neurologist’s office and heard the words I have wanted to hear for so long. The doc had a big grin on her face as well. I kept asking if what I was seeing was true and she assured me and my son that it certainly was true. My son does this thing where he tries to hide a big smile when he’s embarrassed, and he did that today. It melted my heart. I could see that he understood what that moment meant. He understood that this is the end of a long hard road that took many twists and turns down dark, scary paths.

I promise that I will share how wonderful you are. I will share with others how you help people through the good times and the bad. I will tell others about your calming presence.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming into my life. I wouldn’t be here without you. I know that my son’s situation may change. I know that the good times may only be here for a short time. But I also know for a fact that you’ll still be here.




Why I Started Crocheting and You Should Too!

The Harmony Blanket granny squares in mustard, pink, white, and grey.
Harmony Granny Square Blanket

Why I Started Crocheting and You Should Too!

I once read that in Victorian times doctors would prescribe knitting and crocheting to women with anxiety. They must have known that there was something about the repetitive motions of making stitches that eased anxious minds. Holding a beautiful skein of yarn and crochet hook in my own hands does that for me. Crocheting is not just a hobby but a balm for my soul. 

Link to the Harmony Blanket by Attic 24 can be found here!


I began crocheting in the beginning of 2017 as a way to stop my constant worrying. One of my four beloved children has epilepsy and he was going through a very difficult time. Early in the morning of December 27, 2016, he had two seizures that changed our lives forever. He was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and from that moment forward I was stuck in a pattern of worry, fear, and anxiety. I couldn’t stop the images of those seizures from coming into my mind and the “what if” thoughts.

Frida's Flowers hexagon in black, red, purple, blue, white, and green.

Link To Frida’s Flowers pattern can be found here!


I decided I needed a hobby, so naturally I went on Pinterest to find the perfect one. In the past I had tried quilting, sewing, tatting, and knitting to name a few. I enjoyed them all for different reasons, but to be completely honest I wasn’t good at any of them. But that night as I scrolled through Pinterest an image of a granny square crib afghan caught my eye. I clicked on the photo and was brought to a beautiful image that truly captivated me. I bought the pattern right then and there and decided I would figure it out as I went. That proved to be more difficult than I thought, but I was persistent. I jumped on YouTube and found a tutorial for how to make a granny square. From that point forward, I have been hooked, you could say.

Crocheting Benefits

The road from that point forward has not been easy for him or for our family. Since that time he has had hospital stays, doctor visits, and taken more pills than I can count. But crochet has been a sanity saver for me. Not only has it had a calming effect, but I am better able to care for my son because I am mentally healthier. Being a mom is the most important job in the world to me and crocheting helps me do that.

Turquoise, red, yellow, white, and pink granny squares on a rustic table.

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