Amigurumi Yarn Recommendations

Choose the correct yarn for your next amigurumi project like a boss. Not all yarns work well for toy making. In Amigurumi Yarn Recommendations I guide you through five simple steps that will enable you to choose the right yarn for the right project every time.

Truth bomb coming at you….there is no best yarn for crocheting amigurumi. Now that’s not to say there aren’t yarns that are better suited for crocheting toys, because there certainly are. Think of me as your friendly neighborhood crochet addict who loves sharing my amigurumi yarn recommendations.

Choosing the correct yarn for the project is one of the most important decisions you are going to make. I cannot stress that enough. The right yarn can make or break your project.

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Poppy Pig’s Tutu Tutorial

Pig Pattern from Animal Friends of Pica Pau

In this tutu tutorial I share how to add a tulle skirt to any amigurumi project. It’s quick, easy and a very inexpensive way to make your toy unique and full of personality.

Amigurumi Pig

I have a true affection for crocheted pigs. There’s just something about their cute little noses and pointed ears that makes me smile. While I was making this new pig I was finding that something just wasn’t right. As I pondered which direction to take the heavens opened up and the word “tulle” dropped right into my mind. Immediately I knew that this little pink girl needed a tutu.

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Materials Used

Animal Friends of Pica Pau: Gather All 20 Colorful Amigurumi Animal Characters Tulle Fabric Spool/Roll 6 inch x 100 yards (300 feet), 34 Colors Available, On Sale Now! (purple) FURLS Odyssey Yellow Crochet Hook 6″ (3.50 mm (E))

I chose light pink and purple tulle but any color or combination of colors would look great. There are so many different options, from lightweight to heavy, from matte to sparkly. In the end I only used 1/2 yard total. I do like to keep some on hand when the need for tulle strikes.

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Tutu Tutorial

I cut the tulle in strips of 1.5″ wide and 9″ long. This worked well for the length I wanted the skirt. To make a skirt the length you want, measure and then double the number since you will be folding the strip over when attaching it. My pig’s skirt is 4.5″ long from where it is attached to the bottom.

  1. I knew I would be adding a skirt from the beginning of making the pig. So at the waist I crocheted in the BLO (back loop only) to be able to attach the skirt easily. IMG_3505
  2. Next fold over the tulle strip, insert your hook underneath the loop and pull the tulle from the center fold. IMG_3506
  3. Pull the tulle strip through the loop. IMG_3507
  4. Continue to pull the tulle strip through the loop. At this point I adjusted the ends so they were even lengths. IMG_3508
  5. Now you have a large tulle loop on one side of the stitch and two tulle ends on the other side. Pull both ends through the tulle loop. IMG_3509
  6. Pull the loop taut to secure. IMG_3510
  7. I added two strips for each stitch and alternated pink and purple.
  8. Finally I trimmed the ends so they were mostly even but perfection wasn’t the goal.

TA-DAH! IMG_3525

I am ecstatic about how she turned out and am sure that every single animal I make from this day forward will have a tulle skirt!

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