My Top Four Crochet Tutorials on YouTube


YouTube has become the go-to for tutorials of all types. You can find anything from lawn care to makeup to DIY home projects. The problem is finding the time to weed through all the junk to unearth high quality content. These are my four favorite YouTube crochet channels!

  1. B.hooked: Brittany is my number one YouTuber for many reasons. Every video is professionally produced and technically perfect. She takes her role as educator very seriously and brings the very best content to her viewers. Brittany not only has a successful YouTube channel but a website and podcast as well. All of her patterns and tutorials are free for viewers. Check her out at: B.Hooked Crochet
  2. Bella Coco is another one of my favorite YouTubers. Her tutorials are wonderful and her sweet personality shines through each one. I used her Sunburst Granny Square Tutorial Series to make the blanket in the above photo. The only caution I have is she is from Great Britain and she uses UK crochet terms. She generally lets American viewers know which stitches those are in US terms, but it is something to be aware of. Find Bella Coco at: Bella Coco 
  3. WoolyWondersCrochet is such a wonderful resource for crocheters who are interested in making garments for babies and toddlers. She has dozens of free crochet tutorial videos for sweaters, dresses, and headbands, just to name a few. She also has tutorials in beginning amigurumi. I have made several of her projects and appreciate her approachable videos aimed at beginners. Find her at: WoolyWondersCrochet 
  4. Jayda In Stitches is a quirky but prolific YouTuber with tons of crochet tutorials. Her clear explanations of how to make a granny square were invaluable to me when I was a beginner crocheter. Her whimsical projects and fun personality make her videos delightful as well as educational. Find her at: Jayda InStitches

Book Review: Vintage Style Crochet Projects

IMG_1986 They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but I did, and I’m so glad I did! Vintage Style Crochet Projects: 32 Crochet Projects by Agnieszka Strycharska was the very first crochet pattern book that I bought. The cover drew me in immediately with the vibrant colors and homespun feel.

I love chippy, rustic furniture and decor and apparently the author of this book does as well. The photos in the book are numerous and feature not just Agnieszka’s designs but her personal decor. Her homey style is charming but accessible.

The projects range from blankets to aprons to garland. She has patterns for dishcloths, hangers, and shawls to mention only a few. Agnieszka’s color choices are funky and colorful which make the projects stand out so beautifully!

Above is a scarf I made from her pattern for a pillow which I adapted. The patterns are written very clearly and aren’t complicated at all. I was an intermediate beginner when I bought the book and was able to start crocheting right away.


This colorful blanket was made exactly from her pattern, Sunburst Granny Baby Blanket. I used the exact yarn, hook, and colors as she recommends and it turned out beautifully!

Disclosure: Please note that the link above is an affiliate link, and at no cost to you, I will earn a teeny, tiny commission if you decide to purchase the book from Amazon. This is a  book that I know, love, and trust. I have and will continue to recommend products regardless of my affiliate relationship with Amazon. Thank you for supporting Le Petit Saint Crochet!

Why I Started Crocheting and You Should Too!

The Harmony Blanket granny squares in mustard, pink, white, and grey.
Harmony Granny Square Blanket

Why I Started Crocheting and You Should Too!

I once read that in Victorian times doctors would prescribe knitting and crocheting to women with anxiety. They must have known that there was something about the repetitive motions of making stitches that eased anxious minds. Holding a beautiful skein of yarn and crochet hook in my own hands does that for me. Crocheting is not just a hobby but a balm for my soul. 

Link to the Harmony Blanket by Attic 24 can be found here!


I began crocheting in the beginning of 2017 as a way to stop my constant worrying. One of my four beloved children has epilepsy and he was going through a very difficult time. Early in the morning of December 27, 2016, he had two seizures that changed our lives forever. He was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and from that moment forward I was stuck in a pattern of worry, fear, and anxiety. I couldn’t stop the images of those seizures from coming into my mind and the “what if” thoughts.

Frida's Flowers hexagon in black, red, purple, blue, white, and green.

Link To Frida’s Flowers pattern can be found here!


I decided I needed a hobby, so naturally I went on Pinterest to find the perfect one. In the past I had tried quilting, sewing, tatting, and knitting to name a few. I enjoyed them all for different reasons, but to be completely honest I wasn’t good at any of them. But that night as I scrolled through Pinterest an image of a granny square crib afghan caught my eye. I clicked on the photo and was brought to a beautiful image that truly captivated me. I bought the pattern right then and there and decided I would figure it out as I went. That proved to be more difficult than I thought, but I was persistent. I jumped on YouTube and found a tutorial for how to make a granny square. From that point forward, I have been hooked, you could say.

Crocheting Benefits

The road from that point forward has not been easy for him or for our family. Since that time he has had hospital stays, doctor visits, and taken more pills than I can count. But crochet has been a sanity saver for me. Not only has it had a calming effect, but I am better able to care for my son because I am mentally healthier. Being a mom is the most important job in the world to me and crocheting helps me do that.

Turquoise, red, yellow, white, and pink granny squares on a rustic table.

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