How to Finish Your WIPs in 7 Easy Steps [+ FREE Printable Worksheet]

Are you overwhelmed with your current WIPs (Works in Progress)? Have too many? Don’t know how to finish them all? Grab your FREE downloadable worksheet and feel good about your crocheting and knitting projects again. In it you’ll discover How to Finish Your WIPs in 7 Easy Steps!

I never thought I would be “that” person.

For years I’ve prided myself on being a one-wip-gal, never daring to pick up a new crocheting or knitting project until my current one was finished.

You know the saying about pride right? (it goes before the fall)

So here I am, struggling with overwhelm from the amount of WIPs I’ve accumulated. I seriously don’t know how they have all snuck up on me, but here we are.

Thankfully, back when I had my act together I created a little workbook to get control of those WIPs and now is the time for me to use it.

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An American in an English Yarn Shop

Are you an American traveling to the UK and want to visit an English Yarn Shop? Or maybe you’re English and you’re curious about what an American thinks about yarn shops in Great Britain? You’ll find all that information and more!

We’ve just returned home from the most glorious vacation to England and truth be told, I’m knackered. (For all the Americans, “knackered” is an English word that means to be tired.)

I’ve come home feeling inspired and excited about yarn and all the things you can do with it.

But the number one thing I wanted to do while we were in the United Kingdom was to visit at least one yarn shop. I’ve known for quite a while that the English were into their wool crafts, but there were things that surprised me as an American (and I will be sharing my thoughts about it in this post).

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Spring Knitting and Watercoloring

Grab your favorite beverage, your latest project and come stitch with me. We will explore spring knitting, decorating for the seasons, Norwegian socks and watercoloring.

Spring has sprung…more accurately, spring is springing here in beautiful North Carolina.

I have two favorite seasons, fall and spring. And while we aren’t fully into spring yet, Mother Nature is starting to give us glimpses of what’s to come. And I’m here for it.

The daffodils are peaking up out of the ground and the birds are all a flutter, visiting the bird feeder and occasionally having a few mild spats with one another.

I have also been bitten by the knitting bug again and just finished the sweetest little bunny, the perfect spring project.

My other passion at the moment is learning how to watercolor. It’s such a calming and creative pastime and I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

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Cozy Autumn Sock Knitting

Nothing says October like cozy autumn sock knitting and picking out a big orange pumpkin. So grab your favorite mug full of hot chocolate, top it with a spoonful of squishy marshmallows and let’s have a nice visit together.

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” – Anne of Green Gables

LM Montgomery wrote those words in the early 1900’s but they are as true today as they were over one hundred years ago. 

There is something magical about this time of the year. Maybe it’s the colors, the rich oranges, reds, browns, and yellows that inspire my creativity. Even the creatures that live outdoors seem to be excited about the cooler weather. Mr. Squirrel has been visiting my bird feeder more frequently these past few days. He has the cutest little face and long bushy tail. And I thank him for entertaining the cats so well. 

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Can You Make Money Crocheting and Knitting?

You can make money crocheting and knitting, but it’s important to set yourself up for success. Find out how to make your crafting business dreams come true with advice from some of the biggest creative entrepreneurs in the crochet & knitting world.

There’s a common misconception out there that you can’t make money crocheting and knitting. When I began my own small business, I vividly remember a dear friend telling me that my creative endeavor was doomed to failure.

She wasn’t trying to crush my dreams, she was just trying to save me a little time and a lot of disappointment.

I’m very glad that I didn’t listen to that popular opinion and that I took a chance on myself. It truly is a dream come true for me to be able to make money for my family by doing what I love to do most.

And I’m here to tell you that you can do it too.

But don’t just listen to my opinion.

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Victorian Knitting and Crochet Facts – How Many Do You Know?

Victorian Knitting and Crochet facts are totally fascinating! From lace trimmed collars to delicate home decor, Victorians loved making crocheted and knitted decorations. And can you guess which monarch was the inspiration behind the popularity of our beloved craft?

My interest in Victorian era knitting and crochet started with a recent trip to the Biltmore Estate. Although I’ve visited several times before, this day I went with a different set of eyes. I was on the hunt for crocheted and knitted items and I’m happy to report that I found some (in the laundry area of all places).

That trip sent me on a rabbit trail of discovery. I knew that women had been crocheting and knitting for a long time, but what I didn’t realize was that most of its popularity as a hobby came from a former monarch.

But that wasn’t all I learned. You’ll find all the weird and wonderful information I discovered about Victorian knitting and crochet below and I hope you find it just as strange and surprising as I did.

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Plan Your Crochet and Knitting Goals with These Simple Steps

Planning your crochet and knitting goals is a great way to get motivated about your current and future projects. By creating actionable steps you will be able to achieve so much more than you ever dreamed possible. With these simple steps you will know what you’re working towards, but more importantly how to get there.

Goals are great things to have, but unless you have a plan they can be difficult to achieve. With these four simple steps you can not only set your crochet and knitting goals, but have a concrete plan for how to accomplish them.

And if you’re interested in seeing my personal crochet and knitting goals, you’ll find them below too.

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8 Easy Ways to Plan Your Holiday Crochet & Knitting Projects

Make this holiday season extra-special with handmade gifts, but without stressing yourself out unnecessarily. Come plan your holiday crochet & knitting projects with me with these eight easy tips.

It’s never too early to begin planning for the upcoming holiday season. That is especially true if you are planning on crocheting and knitting gifts for family and friends.

Whether you are crocheting something for every person on your list or you’re only knitting one or two special gifts, these eight tips will help you achieve your handmade holiday goals.

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Little Cotton Rabbits: An Honest Review

Need honest information about the Little Cotton Rabbits patterns? Do you want to know if you could knit them for yourself? Find out the answers to your questions and get your FREE Knitting Toys Guide in this post with an honest Little Cotton Rabbits Review.

We all know that the Little Cotton Rabbits patterns are completely adorable. What you may be wondering is if you will be able to knit them yourself.

Are the patterns well written?

Can a beginner knit them?

You will find answers to all of those questions plus get my FREE guide for knitting toys.

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28 Stellar Star Wars Knitting Patterns

Whether you’re looking for an adorable Pocket Yoda, Princess Leia’s Vest or an Ewok Hood, you are going to find the absolute best Star Wars Knitting Patterns for all skill levels.

Star Wars Knitting the Galaxy is the incredible resource for those of us who not only enjoy knitting, but are Jedis at heart.

The Force is strong with these twenty-eight Star Wars knitting patterns by Tanis Gray and several other talented designers. Each one is rated beginner, intermediate or advanced with one, two or three lightsabers.

No galactic detail is overlooked.

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