The Best Crochet-A-Long Blankets for 2022

This collection of the best crochet-a-long blankets will be sure to inspire you to grab your favorite crochet hook and start stitching.

What is a Crochet-A-Long (CAL)?

CAL is just an acronym for the term Crochet-A-Long.

Crochet-A-Longs break up a project into bite sized pieces. Typically, each part is released one at a time.

For example a CAL may run 6 weeks. The first week could be the introduction, unveiling what the CAL will be, gathering up supplies and preparing for the next week.

Weeks two through five, might be the pattern, which will be released one part at a time over those four weeks.

Finally, the last week may be something like a border or finishing touches for the project.

Why Crochet-A-Longs Are Great

Crochet-a-longs are great because a large project, like a blanket, feels less daunting broken down into smaller parts.

Plus, sometimes a CAL also has a Ravelry or Facebook group for people participating in the crochet-a-long. It encourages people to share their own progress or ask questions of the group.

A good CAL can inspire a sense of community and bring excitement to the project.

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Crochet & Knitting Therapy: Crafting in the Hospital

When a planned hospital stay turned into an unexpected health emergency, crochet & knitting became my therapy. Find the projects that helped me cope during an incredibly stressful time.

We knew that our son was going to be in the hospital for about a week.

What we didn’t know was that within 48 hours he would be transferred from the epilepsy monitoring unit to the cardiac floor at Duke University Hospital.

Having two crafting projects to work on helped me stay calm when everything was anything but.

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7 Best FREE Granny Square Patterns

There are a lot of FREE Granny Square Patterns on the internet, but these are the absolute best (in my humble opinion). Find links to each one of these beautiful crochet patterns and be inspired to start your next project.

Who doesn’t love a free crochet pattern? I know I do.

The trouble is that there are a lot of free patterns out there on the interwebs, as the kids would say, but not all of them are exactly what you’re looking for.

But when I want to find a new project, I need something that inspires me and I believe each one of these seven FREE granny square patterns checks all the boxes.

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Granny Square Blanket Project Details

Crocheted blankets are a labor of love and this one is no exception. In this Granny Square Blanket Project Details post I’m sharing the inspiration, the pattern and the exact colors I used. This is sure to be a treasure for years to come.

This granny square blanket was originally titled Carolina Springtime in honor of when I began the project and the gorgeous colors that were surrounding me at the time. The azaleas, daffodils, and camellias are always stunning in early spring here in North Carolina.

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Carolina Springtime and the History of the Humble Granny Square

Confession time! I have always wanted to be a quilter. There, I said it. Many years ago I even took classes, bought a bunch of expensive fabric, and attempted to make one. But here’s the thing, I despise measuring and sewing machines hate my guts. So for years I just believed that I had no ability to make beautiful blankets, that is until I discovered the humble granny square!

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