How to Crochet Amigurumi [Video Tutorial & Free Pattern]

Learning how to crochet amigurumi can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. With these step by step video instructions (and a little encouragement from “Your Fairy Craft Mother”) you’ll be crocheting toys with confidence in no time. Plus get your FREE amigurumi pattern below!

You can learn how to crochet amigurumi.

It isn’t rocket science or brain surgery or any of those other technical skills that take decades to perfect.

Do you remember learning how to ride a bike? At first it looked overwhelming to you as a small child. It seemed like it was only for the big kids in the neighborhood, not little ole you.

With some encouragement (and maybe even some prodding) from an adult you hesitantly got on the bike. Did yours have streamers coming from the handlebars and a big pink banana seat like mine did?

Maybe you wobbled. Maybe you fell and gotten a skinned knee. Don’t worry though, that’s not going to happen when learning how to crochet amigurumi. The important point is that you kept getting back up and faced your obstacles.

In no time, you were pedaling as fast as you could go with a big grin on your little face. Embrace your inner child and her willingness to try new things….oh and go grab your crochet hook.

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Mister Pencil: Free Amigurumi Pattern

Mister Pencil is a free amigurumi pencil pattern sure to please students of all ages. His friendly smile and pointy little lead-head make him the perfect homework helper.

Mister Pencil is no ordinary writing utensil. In fact, he can’t write at all, he’s completely made of yarn. Mister Pencil only wants to help boys and girls with their homework. He loves to give hugs when they are having a tough time. Sometimes he even whispers useful hints exactly when students need help the most.

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Beginner Amigurumi Tutorial

Are you ready for the easiest amigurumi pattern ever? My beginner amigurumi tutorial will walk you through each step so you can crochet this adorable Candy Corn Family in no time flat.

Mwahahahahah!!!!! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I love all the scary things! The witches, the chainsaws, the candy corn……wait, what? You don’t find candy corn scary? What about a family of candy corns? No? That’s not scary either?

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Free Crochet Pattern – The Bitty Bunnies

Check out the free crochet pattern, the Bitty Bunnies! In this post you’ll find the FREE pattern and full video tutorial. Let’s get hopping!

What’s better than a FREE crochet pattern? A free crochet bunny pattern, that’s what!

Introducing The Bitty Bunnies: Benedict and Beatrice. They are a sweet brother and sister pair that will bring a smile to your face while you’re crocheting and especially when they hop right off your hook.

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Princess Bernadette Bear – Free Crochet Pattern!


My grandmother, Bernice, was an avid collector of unique teddy bears. When she passed away in 1997 I became the proud beneficiary of the collection that brought her so much joy. Every Christmas I display them on my rustic piano with candles and holiday decor. The little bears seem to come to life and bring my family the very same happiness.

The idea for Princess Bernadette Bear was born from my love of my grandmother and her teddies.  Bernadette is sweet, statuesque and simple! I created her with the beginner in mind. The only prerequisite skills are being able to make a magic ring, single crochet, and double crochet.

I also made three videos to help with sections that beginners might find tricky –

  1. Princess Bernadette Bear Tutorial for Joining Snout
  2. Princess Bernadette Bear Tutorial for Making Legs

Here is a link for how to make the tulle skirt –

Poppy Pig’s Tutu Tutorial

I hope you all enjoy Princess Bernadette Bear as much as I enjoyed creating her!! She has been professionally tech edited and pattern tested by several talented crocheters!

If you would like an inexpensive downloadable version you can purchase that here –

Downloadable Princess Bernadette Bear Pattern

Links to the specific products I used to make Princess Bernadette Bear:

Stitch Markers: 104 PCS Locking Stitch Markers, baotongle Knitting Crochet Locking Stitch Markers Knitting Stitch Counter Crochet Stitch Needle Clip with Compartment Box

5 mm Crochet Hook: Furls Streamline Rosewood Crochet Hook 7″ (Rosewood – 5.0 mm (H))

3.5mm Crochet Hook:Furls Odyssey Crochet Hook Nickel Plated Tip for Effortless Glide, Black Ergonomic Handle 3.5mm (E)

Safety Eyes:150 Pcs 6-12mm Plastic Safety Eyes with Washers for Doll Making (Black)

Yarn Needles:Outus Large-eye Blunt Needles Steel Yarn Knitting Needles Sewing Needles, 9 Pieces (Silver)

Poly-fil Stuffing:Fairfield PF20B Poly-Fil Premium Fibre Fill, 20-Ounce

Paintbox Yarns:Paintbox Wool Mix Aran

Teddy Bear Crochet Pattern - Princess Bernadette

Teddy Bear Crochet Pattern - Princess Bernadette (10)

Teddy Bear Crochet Pattern - Princess Bernadette (2)

Teddy Bear Crochet Pattern - Princess Bernadette (12)

Teddy Bear Crochet Pattern - Princess Bernadette (11)

Teddy Bear Crochet Pattern - Princess Bernadette (5)

Teddy Bear Crochet Pattern - Princess Bernadette (6)

Teddy Bear Crochet Pattern - Princess Bernadette (7)

Teddy Bear Crochet Pattern - Princess Bernadette (8)

Teddy Bear Crochet Pattern - Princess Bernadette (9)

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