Viral Justin Bieber Sushi Date Night Crochet Blanket (FREE Pattern & Video Tutorial)

Check out the Viral Justin Bieber Sushi Date Night Crochet Blanket FREE pattern and video tutorial. Learn how to make this gorgeous and beginner friendly granny square blanket!

I stopped in my tracks (aka “scrolling”) as soon as I spotted the photo of Justin Bieber going on a sushi date night with his wife wearing a granny square crochet blanket.

Justin Bieber was in full technicolor with my favorite type of crochet project!

And I immediately started making plans to make the project and to help you make it as well.

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PLAN YOUR ENTIRE 2023 Crocheting & Knitting Projects With Me (+FREE Project Planner Workbook)

Come plan your entire 2023 crocheting & knitting projects with me. Also get your FREE downloadable planner as well!

I have some lofty (for me) crocheting & knitting goals that I would like to accomplish this coming year. And that, my friends, is going to take some planning.

Most of the time, I have no rhyme or reason for my projects and just make what I want, when I want.

But that’s not working well for me anymore.

I’ve missed giving handmade gifts for important events in our family because I failed to plan. I didn’t get the patterns I had designed written and published because I failed to plan. I totally forgot about one entire WIP because I failed to plan.

You get the picture.

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Don’t WASTE YOUR MONEY On These Crochet Gadgets! (+4 Great Crochet Gadgets That Are WORTH EVERY PENNY)

I’ve tested nine different popular crochet gadgets to see if they are worth the money. Spoiler alert, five of them were total flops.

There is nothing more frustrating than buying something for your crochet hobby that you believe will be a benefit, only to find out that it was a big waste of money.

I splurged and bought nine different crochet gadgets from Amazon, testing each one of them to see if they are worth the money.

Five of the nine are total flops and I will share my reasons for why I’m giving them such a bad review.

Four of the nine are surprisingly good and I’ll share my reasons for why I’m rating them so highly.

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Ranking Everything I Crocheted & Knit in 2022 (20+ Items!)

It’s always fun to look back and see the progress you’ve made with crocheting and knitting. But ranking them is even more interesting. Check out everything I crocheted & knit in 2022 and let it inspire you to look back on your own creations from this year.

Originally I didn’t think 2022 was a productive crafting year for me. But when I looked back on everything I crocheted & knit in 2022 I was pleasantly surprised.

The way I remember what I’ve made is by going back through my Instagram account. The problem is I don’t know the exact total because there were times that I forgot to share what I made.

Instagram is an organized way to keep up with what you’ve made throughout the year. But it doesn’t work well if you forget to post them, lol.

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12 Ways You Can Crochet & Knit to HELP Those in Need

Looking for a way to give back? Here you’ll find 12 ways you can crochet & knit to HELP those in need. Whatever your passion is, you’ll find an organization that needs your talent.

Meet Jill.

Jill Volarich has donated a whopping 750 crocheted items to help those in need.

She is an inspiration for all crocheters and knitters and has been a passionate crafter for thirty years and uses her talent to help others in a big way.

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Need some ideas for last minute Christmas crochet gifts that people will actually want? I’ve got you covered. 

I have curated a list of only the cutest and quickest Christmas crochet projects that you can whip up faster than a reindeer eats carrots. And what’s even better is that they are all FREEEEEEEE! 

While I was looking for patterns I had three main criteria. They had to be:




As it’s already November, there is no way I can waste time on projects that are going to take weeks to complete. I need adorable projects that I can get done in record time. 

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The 10 Rules That Made Me a BETTER Crocheter & Knitter

The 10 Rules That Made Me a Better Crocheter & Knitter is packed full of practical advice that can help you achieve your goals as well!

We all want to improve our crocheting and knitting skills. Sometimes it feels easy and we bounce from one new skill to the next. But then there are times that we feel stalled and need some new inspiration.

These are the 10 rules that made me a better crocheter and knitter.

I’ve counted down from number 10 all the way to my number 1 rule (it’s all the way at the bottom if you’re the kind that likes to read the last chapter first, lol).

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10 FREE Halloween Crochet & Amigurumi Patterns That Will Get You in the Spooky Spirit! 👻🍬🎃

Bewitch your family and friends with these FREE Halloween Amigurumi Patterns. Get into the spooky spirit with these 10 crochet toy projects!

Some of my favorite memories as a kid are from Halloween. Does anyone else remember the plastic masks from the 1980s that left you barely able to breathe because they only had a tiny hole for your mouth? Good times.

These 10 crochet amigurumi patterns will definitely be a part of your new Halloween traditions. Each one is totally adorable and totally FREE!

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1 Day – 7 LOCAL YARN SHOPS – Charlotte Yarn Crawl

Come with me as I visit 7 local yarn shops in 1 day during the Charlotte Yarn Crawl 2022. You’ll find so many adorable shops full of gorgeous yarns!

I bribed my mom to join me for the Charlotte Yarn Crawl 2022, by promising to take her out to eat, lol. The woman loves a good lunch out.

It was also a great way for us to enjoy some time together while shopping for my favorite thing to buy…yarn.

Come along as we visit all seven local yarn shops participating in the Charlotte Yarn Crawl 2022.

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Crocheting & Knitting for Better Mental Health

Did you know that crocheting, knitting & mental health are deeply intertwined? Scientific research has proven what crocheters and knitters have already known for centuries. Crocheting and knitting improve ones mental health in a remarkable way.

Ask any crocheter or knitter and they will tell you that crafting helps with the pressures of daily life.

I know it has had a profoundly positive effect on my own mental health. But don’t just take my word for it.

Let’s see if scientific research backs up our claims of improved mood and wellness.

Plus all this science stuff helps us justify our yarn stashes….it’s for our mental health, for goodness sakes!

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