Cute Crochet Easter Egg Cozy {FREE Pattern + Video Tutorial}

Looking for a quick crochet Easter pattern? Check out the Crochet Easter Bunny Egg Cozy FREE pattern and video tutorial. Make these for all the bunny lovers in your life!

Need a quick and simple Easter crochet project?

The Crochet Easter Bunny Egg Cozy is the perfect pattern to make when time is limited, but you want to make something egg-straordinary!

Grab your favorite hook and let’s get hopping.

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Don’t Make These 9 Beginner Crochet Mistakes

Save yourself time, money and a whole lot of headache by avoiding these 9 beginner crochet mistakes.

None of us are born knowing how to crochet.

We all have to take the time to learn this wonderful craft, but do yourself a favor and learn it correctly from the beginning.

As a Certified Crochet Instructor through the Craft Yarn Council, I had to unlearn a few things. As a self taught crocheter, I had picked up a few bad habits and I’m glad that I corrected them earlier rather than later.

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6 Absolutely Adorable Crocheted Baby Blankets

Looking for gorgeous crocheted baby blankets to stitch for a special baby? I’ve personally made each and every one of these gorgeous blankets and you’ll find all the details so you can get stitching ASAP!

I’ve got a “thing” for crocheting baby blankets.

It must be because the sizes are doable and the colors are so darn cheerful.

I’ve crocheted each and every one of these six beautiful baby blankets and can’t wait to share all the details with you!

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Teeny Tiny Crochet Hearts FREE Pattern {+ Video Tutorial}

Hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day! Make these adorable Teeny Tiny Crochet Hearts with your FREE pattern and video tutorial. Turn them into a Pocket Hug, a colorful garland or an amigurumi toy!

Although hearts are traditionally symbolic of Valentine’s Day, I think they are perfect for any occasion.

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Swedish Death Cleaning for Crafters

Swedish Death Cleaning for Crafters is your guide for getting control of your stash of crafting supplies. Follow along as I apply these principles and turn my very cluttered craft room into my creative oasis.

The good news is that you don’t have to be Swedish or near death to participate in Swedish Death Cleaning.

And I believe it’s the perfect solution for crafters of all nationalities and stages of life to simplify our crafting supplies and to become more creative in the process.

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Last Minute Crochet Christmas Cards

Looking for last minute Christmas crochet projects? Crochet Christmas cards are totally cute, and oh so quick.

Sometimes you just need a super quick crochet project.

This is especially true during the holidays. And because of my own desperation (and procrastination) I’m currently making these adorable (and last minute) crochet Christmas cards.

Procrastination actually causes me a lot of stress. Yet here I am, less than two weeks until Christmas and I have nothing made for my family and friends.

This year, has been anything but normal, so I’m giving myself a whole lot of grace, but thankfully I found some really cute projects that I’m happily stitching up.

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How to Create a Craft Room in Any Space

Create the craft room of your dreams, even if you don’t have a lot of room. You’ll find great space saving ideas for any size crafting space. Plus take a tour of my dingy basement laundry room turned into the cutest little craft room.

Creating a space of my own wasn’t as hard as I originally thought, but it did take some thinking outside of the box. If you’ve been longing for a craft room (or maybe even just a craft closet or corner) I’ve got some ideas to get you started.


There are definitely seasons of life that make creating your own crafting space more difficult. When I was raising my own four children, I didn’t have the time, or the mental energy to even think about having a crafting space all to myself. But even if I had, it would have been a challenge to find a place for my crafting supplies. Looking back now it would have been hard…but not impossible.

Maybe you’re a teenager and you only have your own tiny room. Or maybe you’re a busy mom of small children and toys occupy every nook and cranny of your home. You could even be like me and have kids in college who come and go and you still don’t feel like there’s room for your crafting.

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10 Things to Do When You’ve Lost Your Crojo

Have you lost your crojo? Were you once a passionate crocheter and now you feel ambivalent about the entire craft? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In this post you’ll find ten things to do when you don’t want to pick up your crochet hook.

It happens to the best of us.

One minute you’re happily hooking away on your favorite crochet project, and then, BAM… you have zero interest.

Happily Hooked Magazine defined the term “crojo” this way:

Crojo – Slang for Crochet mojo. It means your zest for crochet. Your passion or yearning for the craft. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like it. You’ve lost your crojo and even squishy yarn has no appeal.”

Happily Hooked Magazine

When you lose your crojo, you may feel worried. You may even feel lost. And notice that I used the word “when” not “if”.

If you crochet long enough, you will lose your crojo. The good news is that’s it’s always temporary and there are several things you can do about it!

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Can You Make Money Crocheting and Knitting?

You can make money crocheting and knitting, but it’s important to set yourself up for success. Find out how to make your crafting business dreams come true with advice from some of the biggest creative entrepreneurs in the crochet & knitting world.

There’s a common misconception out there that you can’t make money crocheting and knitting. When I began my own small business, I vividly remember a dear friend telling me that my creative endeavor was doomed to failure.

She wasn’t trying to crush my dreams, she was just trying to save me a little time and a lot of disappointment.

I’m very glad that I didn’t listen to that popular opinion and that I took a chance on myself. It truly is a dream come true for me to be able to make money for my family by doing what I love to do most.

And I’m here to tell you that you can do it too.

But don’t just listen to my opinion.

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Victorian Knitting and Crochet Facts – How Many Do You Know?

Victorian Knitting and Crochet facts are totally fascinating! From lace trimmed collars to delicate home decor, Victorians loved making crocheted and knitted decorations. And can you guess which monarch was the inspiration behind the popularity of our beloved craft?

My interest in Victorian era knitting and crochet started with a recent trip to the Biltmore Estate. Although I’ve visited several times before, this day I went with a different set of eyes. I was on the hunt for crocheted and knitted items and I’m happy to report that I found some (in the laundry area of all places).

That trip sent me on a rabbit trail of discovery. I knew that women had been crocheting and knitting for a long time, but what I didn’t realize was that most of its popularity as a hobby came from a former monarch.

But that wasn’t all I learned. You’ll find all the weird and wonderful information I discovered about Victorian knitting and crochet below and I hope you find it just as strange and surprising as I did.

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