Crocheting & Knitting for Better Mental Health

Did you know that crocheting, knitting & mental health are deeply intertwined? Scientific research has proven what crocheters and knitters have already known for centuries. Crocheting and knitting improve ones mental health in a remarkable way.

Ask any crocheter or knitter and they will tell you that crafting helps with the pressures of daily life.

I know it has had a profoundly positive effect on my own mental health. But don’t just take my word for it.

Let’s see if scientific research backs up our claims of improved mood and wellness.

Plus all this science stuff helps us justify our yarn stashes….it’s for our mental health, for goodness sakes!

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Fall Floral Crochet Granny Square | FREE Pattern & Video Tutorial

The Fall Floral Crochet Granny Square is the perfect project for the season. You will find the FREE pattern and video tutorial below.

Fall Floral Crochet Granny Square Project

The Fall Floral Crochet Granny Square was inspired by the glorious autumn that we are on the cusp of here in North Carolina.

Our landscape is getting ready to burst forth with the most spectacular colors and Mother Nature is getting ready to show off.

We are beginning to see little hints that all of that is just a few weeks away.

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The MOST Asked Questions About Amigurumi, Crochet & Knitting

Today I’m answering the MOST asked questions about amigurumi, crochet, knitting and handmade business topics!


I wasn’t expecting that.

On a whim, I asked people on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook what questions I could answer.

I was hoping that someone, anyone, would ask me something. Maybe I would get a handful of questions that I could answer.

What I wasn’t expecting was to get over a hundred questions! I was totally blown away.

Unfortunately I can’t answer every single question, otherwise the post would be a book (and the video would be a feature length movie).

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Starting a Crafting YouTube Channel? Do These 12 Things

If I was starting a crafting YouTube channel today, I would do these 12 things!

There has never been a better time to start a crafting YouTube channel. 

Maybe you’ve heard that it’s too late to start a crafting YouTube channel. Or maybe you’ve thought about starting a channel of your own to teach the crafting skills you know and love, but the thought “Someone is already doing that” keeps you from taking that leap. 

But there has never been a better time to start and today I’m going to share the 12 things that I would do if I were starting a crafting Youtube channel today.

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8 Crochet Projects to Pamper Your Pets

Looking for Crochet Projects to Pamper Your Pets? These 8 patterns are sure to make your fur-babies happy and know they are well loved.

Are you a proud momma or poppa of a fur-baby or two (or maybe even three or more)?

Do you have the pleasure of sharing a residence with a lovable dog or cat and want to show them how much you care?

Here you’ll find the cutest crochet projects to pamper your pets. There are hat, blanket, coat and costume patterns to choose from.

I’m also sharing the story of our beloved boy, Jersey, who was the inspiration for the Mini Birthday Hat, which is a FREE pattern and video tutorial. You’ll find that story at the end of the video.

Check Out the Mini Birthday Hat FREE Pattern and Video Tutorial Here

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The Best Crochet-A-Long Blankets for 2022

This collection of the best crochet-a-long blankets will be sure to inspire you to grab your favorite crochet hook and start stitching.

What is a Crochet-A-Long (CAL)?

CAL is just an acronym for the term Crochet-A-Long.

Crochet-A-Longs break up a project into bite sized pieces. Typically, each part is released one at a time.

For example a CAL may run 6 weeks. The first week could be the introduction, unveiling what the CAL will be, gathering up supplies and preparing for the next week.

Weeks two through five, might be the pattern, which will be released one part at a time over those four weeks.

Finally, the last week may be something like a border or finishing touches for the project.

Why Crochet-A-Longs Are Great

Crochet-a-longs are great because a large project, like a blanket, feels less daunting broken down into smaller parts.

Plus, sometimes a CAL also has a Ravelry or Facebook group for people participating in the crochet-a-long. It encourages people to share their own progress or ask questions of the group.

A good CAL can inspire a sense of community and bring excitement to the project.

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How to Finish Your WIPs in 7 Easy Steps [+ FREE Printable Worksheet]

Are you overwhelmed with your current WIPs (Works in Progress)? Have too many? Don’t know how to finish them all? Grab your FREE downloadable worksheet and feel good about your crocheting and knitting projects again. In it you’ll discover How to Finish Your WIPs in 7 Easy Steps!

I never thought I would be “that” person.

For years I’ve prided myself on being a one-wip-gal, never daring to pick up a new crocheting or knitting project until my current one was finished.

You know the saying about pride right? (it goes before the fall)

So here I am, struggling with overwhelm from the amount of WIPs I’ve accumulated. I seriously don’t know how they have all snuck up on me, but here we are.

Thankfully, back when I had my act together I created a little workbook to get control of those WIPs and now is the time for me to use it.

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Cute Crochet Easter Egg Cozy {FREE Pattern + Video Tutorial}

Looking for a quick crochet Easter pattern? Check out the Crochet Easter Bunny Egg Cozy FREE pattern and video tutorial. Make these for all the bunny lovers in your life!

Need a quick and simple Easter crochet project?

The Crochet Easter Bunny Egg Cozy is the perfect pattern to make when time is limited, but you want to make something egg-straordinary!

Grab your favorite hook and let’s get hopping.

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Don’t Make These 9 Beginner Crochet Mistakes

Save yourself time, money and a whole lot of headache by avoiding these 9 beginner crochet mistakes.

None of us are born knowing how to crochet.

We all have to take the time to learn this wonderful craft, but do yourself a favor and learn it correctly from the beginning.

As a Certified Crochet Instructor through the Craft Yarn Council, I had to unlearn a few things. As a self taught crocheter, I had picked up a few bad habits and I’m glad that I corrected them earlier rather than later.

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6 Absolutely Adorable Crocheted Baby Blankets

Looking for gorgeous crocheted baby blankets to stitch for a special baby? I’ve personally made each and every one of these gorgeous blankets and you’ll find all the details so you can get stitching ASAP!

I’ve got a “thing” for crocheting baby blankets.

It must be because the sizes are doable and the colors are so darn cheerful.

I’ve crocheted each and every one of these six beautiful baby blankets and can’t wait to share all the details with you!

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