The Essential Crochet Gift Guide and Great Big Giveaway!

Looking for unique gifts for the crocheters in your life? In the Essential Crochet Gift Guide and Great Big Giveaway, you will find seven exceptional gifts and a chance to win a ball winder and swift for yourself!

Crocheters love to give gifts to one another. We love to share our love of yarn and hooks with other crafters. But sometimes we want something just a little bit different. In this crochet gift guide you will find fun gifts, practical gifts and gifts that will warm the heart.

But that’s not all! (This is beginning to sound like an infomercial from the 80s, lol). You will also have a chance to enter a giveaway for a Knit Picks Yarn Swift and a LAMXD Needlecraft Jumbo Metal Yarn Ball Winder, which I will ship to you anywhere in the world. (The prize is worth $91.78)

The details for the gifts and the giveaway are below!

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What’s in My Craft Tote? |Mollie Ollie Caddy Review

In this craft tote review, you will find an honest opinion about the Mollie Ollie Caddy. Is it good for crafters? How much yarn will it fit? It is sturdy and well made? Find the answers to all of these questions and get your 10% off coupon before it’s gone.

It’s a known fact that crocheters love craft totes and project bags. And I am no exception to that rule.

We love toting around our projects in cute bags and caddies.

But craft totes can’t just be cute for us serious crocheters and knitters, they must be functional and well made.

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