How to Become An Amigurumi Designer in 8 Easy Steps

Do you love to crochet amigurumi toys and have ideas for your very own designs? Learn How to Become an Amigurumi Designer in these eight easy steps. You’ll learn everything from the design process, to how to write a crochet pattern and finally how to get your patterns out to the world.

I’m an accidental amigurumi designer.

It was never my plan.

I love to crochet toys and was happy to make amigurumi toys from other designer’s patterns to sell and feature here on the blog and YouTube channel.

Although I had designed a handful of simple toys, they were mostly for teaching purposes and I had no intentions of ever doing it on a regular basis. I had everything well planned and I was very content.

Unfortunately, the idea for a little crocheted pig in a turtleneck sweater started to make its way into my brain. And it blossomed into an entire collection of characters (that are mostly still in my brain).

For that reason the topic of How to Become an Amigurumi Designer is fresh in my mind and several of you have asked for my tips.

I definitely don’t consider myself a professional in this area, but I’ve learned a thing or two and I’m always happy to share what I’ve learned along the way.

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The Best FREE Amigurumi Christmas Patterns

Looking for the best FREE amigurumi Christmas patterns? These are the absolute holly-jolliest crocheted toy projects and the best part is that they are all FREE!

Christmas and amigurumi go together like Rudolph and mistletoe. And these FREE amigurumi Christmas patterns are sure to fill you with yuletide cheer.

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Amigurumi Eyes: Everything You Need to Know

There are so many options when it comes to amigurumi eyes. They can totally change the look of any crocheted toy. Find all the information you need about safety eyes, embroidered eyes, crocheted eyes and more.

Amigurumi eyes are a hot topic in the crocheted toy world. I get more questions about this subject than any other.

And in this post we are going to deep-dive into all the different options for amigurumi eyes…from safety eyes, to embroidered eyes, to crocheted eyes and more.

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Three Little Pigs Amigurumi Pattern

The Three Little Pigs amigurumi pattern is a crocheted and knitted toy that looks like it just stepped out of an old fashioned fairy tale. You’ll also find helpful video tutorials sprinkled throughout the pattern to help guide you along the way to making your own adorable pigs.

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Not these three little pigs!

The Three Little Pigs amigurumi pattern been an absolute joy to create and I’m so excited to finally be able to share them with you all.

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5 Amigurumi Books That Need to Be in Your Collection

These are THE 5 Amigurumi Books that need to be in your collection. From Harry Potter to Iconic Women to Kingdoms to Tooth Fairies and everything in between, you’ll be sure to find amigurumi toys to crochet for your family, friends and most of all yourself.

Is there anything better than brand new amigurumi books?

Ok. I’ll admit maybe there are a few like….puppies, kittens, newborn babies and Christmas.

But that’s it. Nothing else tops brand spanking new amigurumi patterns (that are all absolutely adorable too).

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The Best (and Worst) Crochet Hooks for Amigurumi

What are the best (and worst) crochet hooks for amigurumi? I tested eight of the most popular crochet hooks and rated them for suitability for crocheting toys. You’ll also find a handy-dandy comparison chart for all of the pros, cons and prices of each hook.

I’ve had a favorite crochet hook for amigurumi for quite some time.

Recently I began to wonder if my love for this particular crochet hook was because of their brilliant marketing plan, or because it actually was the best crochet hook for amigurumi.

So I did what any good crochet blogger would do. I put my favorite hook to the test.

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10 Adorable Autumn Amigurumi Patterns: Crochet & Knit

Autumn is the perfect time to crochet and knit. These ten adorable autumn amigurumi patterns are sure to bring a smile to your face. You’ll find crocheted and knitted projects, and each one is full of fall fun.

Who doesn’t love the cool crisp air of autumn? Although it’s currently still quite warm and humid here, I’m already excited about everything related to fall.

Here in North Carolina, you can’t count on consistently cooler temperatures until around November. But nothing can stop me from decorating for fall and stitching up all the cute fall crochet and knit patterns.

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Plan Your Dream “Yarncation” With Me!

Want to plan your very own dream Yarncation? Need some ideas for organizing a yarny getaway with friends? Follow along with me on my very first knitting/crochet vacation and don’t make the same mistake I did!

I had never been on a “girls weekend” before.

The only time I have ever gone away on vacation, as an adult, was with my family. That is until last weekend.

My good friend, Julie, from the Buttonjar Studio, invited me to join her and her knitting posse up to Black Mountain, NC for a couple of days

I will admit that I was nervous. I am a total homebody and a bit of an introvert. My comfort zone is within the confines of my cozy little home.

But my husband, children and even my own mother, encouraged me to go. It has been a really tough year for our family and they felt that I needed to get away and have a little fun for a change.

Boy am I glad they all pushed me to get out of my little bubble and take a chance on a group of ladies up in the mountains of North Carolina.

If you’ve never gone on a “Yarncation” before, you should. I’m sharing my experience as well as tips for how to plan your very own weekend knitting/crochet getaway.

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The 8 Best Beach Themed Amigurumi Projects

These eight adorable beach themed amigurumi projects include a seagull, narwhal, lobster, mermaid and more. Each of these coastal crochet patterns is unique and oh so cute.

Hello Summer!

There’s nothing quite like the bright sun, warm ocean waves and cool sand between your toes. So if you’re like me and are craving a little Vitamin Sea in your landlocked life, these are the patterns for you.

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The 11 Best Cottage Style Amigurumi Projects

Cottage style is timeless. Think cozy country cottages and warm cups of tea. In Cottage Style Amigurumi Projects you will find eleven adorable crochet toy patterns that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I am all about cottage style right now. There’s been a resurgence lately in all things cozy and homey and I believe that applies to amigurumi as well.

I’m seeing more and more cottage style amigurumi projects from sweet forest animals to big ripe berries and everything in between.

I’ve found eleven crocheted toy patterns that epitomize cottage style and I hope you feel as inspired by them as I do.

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