Free Crochet Pattern – The Bitty Bunnies

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Y’all have no idea how hard it is for me to keep a secret!!! I have been holding in all this excitement for months! Introducing my brand new amigurumi design, The Bitty Bunnies: Benedict and Beatrice. This free crochet pattern is available now!

Free Crochet Pattern
The Bitty Bunnies: Benedict and Beatrice

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Free Crochet Pattern

You can find the complete free amigurumi pattern below! The Bitty Bunnies were presented originally on The Hook Nook Life Blog! First, I cannot begin to express how absolutely humbled I feel at being one of their featured makers this quarter! I have long admired Jessica Carey and the incredible business she has created from the ground up. I just can’t believe that I am able to be a small part of this maker community! Somebody pinch me!

I designed the Bitty Bunnies with the beginner in mind. Above all, I wanted this free crochet pattern to be available to those with basic crochet skills and a desire to make some amigurumi! With spring just around the corner, bunny rabbits seemed like the perfect choice.

If you would like more help please see my post: How to Read a Crochet Pattern

The Bitty Bunnies: Benedict and Beatrice Pattern Pattern

Free Crochet Pattern

Awesome Pattern Testers

I cannot thank my pattern testers enough and hope that you all will check out their work as well. They were all so encouraging and gave such helpful notes! I could not have published this free pattern without them!

This adorable pink girl is from the super talented Cheryl, creator of Cheryl Marie Handmade. You can find her gorgeous work on Instagram. I absolutely love how she made her bunny pink and then used her signature neutrals for the clothing!

Cheryl Marie Handmade

Next is Amy from The Little Yarn Barn! You can find her adorable amigurumi on Instagram! Amy’s handmade creations are not only beautifully made but full of the love she has for her craft.

Our third bunny was made by the witty Helen, creator of Flora Honey Pot. Helen has such a fantastic British sense of humor, the warmest heart, and a taste for Marmite! You will definitely want to check out her work on Instagram!

Flora Honeypot

And last but certainly not least is the bunny from Lori at Knitting 1 Stitch at a Time! Lori is not only a talented knitter and crocheter but is always willing to lend a helping hand! You will want to check out Lori’s creations!

Knitting 1 Stitch at a Time

Finally I am so incredibly excited to share this free crochet pattern with you all! I hope you feel the joy and happiness in my heart with which these were designed! If you make The Bitty Bunnies, please tag me on Instagram @lepetitsaintcrochet! I would absolutely love to see them!

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21 thoughts on “Free Crochet Pattern – The Bitty Bunnies

  1. This is so exciting! I have no idea what amigurumi is but you are so talented and so are your testers!!!

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  4. Hello, I’m making this project, first amigurumi I’ve tried, I got a couple of doubts. After finishing the first leg, how do I “attach” the yarn to start the second one? Any specific technique for “sewing up the space between the legs”? And is there a technique for attaching the arms and ears?

    • For attaching the yarn for the second leg just make a slip knot with your yarn and slip stitch to attach. There are different ways you could sew up between the legs but I just go back and forth from front to back. Also in this video I share how I seam pieces onto amigurumi. It’s about halfway into the video when I’m working on the alligator. Hope that helps!

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