Embroidery Pattern Directory

This is a running list of all the embroidery patterns I have personally used and where to find them! I added my own photos of each recommendation so that you can see an example of the patterns these designers offer. Hope you all find this helpful! Updated on 9/27/18

Embroidery Patterns

1. Lolli and Grace


2.Β LilliPopo


3.Β Sloth Pattern from Cutesy Crafts (from Polka Dot Chair)





2 thoughts on “Embroidery Pattern Directory

  1. I’m not very crafty and have never really sewed (other than some cross stitch years ago) but one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2019 is to learn how to embroider. I’d love to crochet but that might be too ambitious for me right now. I plan to search YouTube for some beginners tutorials but it’s all very new to me. Any recommendations?

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